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  OUR Belief

ESBEE, we strongly feel that Indian products find a place of pride in the global milieu. By making export quality products, we successfully meet the needs of prestigious clients all over the world.

We understand that how our clients perceive us hinges on what experience we deliver as a brand.

We focus on bringing tangible value to customers through an unrelenting dedication to product quality, service and cost control. In the process, we have built enduring relationships, many of which transcend business boundaries.


OUR Strength
  • People

@ ESBEE we believe that people are our most valued asset. The management works hard to create an environment where the talent of our individual member is recognized and appreciated. To achieve the same we implement the best HR practices, where we encourage our people to their best efforts and build an energetic work culture.
Its also helps ESBEE in attracting best professionals in industry. the company also believes in equality. No member is discriminated on the basis of gender, cast, religion, region, language. All these factors have contributed in making a competent team which has the ability to deliver the best output even in challenging situations. The health and safety of our members is important to us and we have adopted the lasted industry guidelines to ensure the well-being at the workplace.

  • Product Assembly

@ Esbee we work with skilled technicians, backed by the latest software and hardware tools, testing equipments and jigs & fixtures, assemble products in an anti-static, dust-free environment with a semi automated production line.

  • Quality Management

@ Esbee well-strategized quality procedures are seamlessly integrated into virtually all areas and processes of production. Futuristic quality planning, process security and process monitoring is achieved through the active involvement of people and continual training. Statistical process control and several quality tools are used for defect prevention.

  • Product Engineering

@ Esbee a team of talented engineers pooled from various disciplines including Computer, Electronics, Instrumentation, Polymer and Tool engineering, work together to draw up blueprints for innovative products. Their task is to design products that would be safe, eco-friendly, reliable and durable.


Strong and determined leadership are pillars behind our success. The foundation of the company was led by the Chordiya family. The founders shared common passion to provide excellent quality products and superior technology and innovation. Today with unstoppable spirit of next generation, ESBEE is flourishing with excellent pace. the second generation entrepreneurs are continuously striving hard for growth of the company. the driving force behind the young leaders is the vision from the seniors. this helps them in striking a perfect balance with latest technology and core principle such as ethical practices, relationship building, commitment and excellence.


     OUR Infrastructure

  • Component Manufacturing
  • Tool Design & Development
  • Highly Skilled Professionals
  • Product Innovation Team
  • Warehousing

 Our Locations


  Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Lending a helping hand

Attending school is indeed a luxury for children born into underprivileged families. Either compelled to work at a tender age or left to their own destiny, these children experience a miserable childhood.

As part of our CSR initiatives, we contribute towards making life more meaningful for children in need. Through Sukhlal Bansilal Chordiya Charitable Trust (Regd.) funded by both companies, we extend financial support for their basic education and medical treatment.

  • A commitment to energy efficiency 

Within the organization, we have a firm commitment to energy efficiency.
Sensibly designed workspaces ensure a strong flow of natural daylight, thus reducing electrical consumption. While wastewater recycling is another measure aimed at facilitating conservation.
Our passion for preserving the environmental heritage doesn’t stop there. In our endeavour to use clean power, we have installed a couple of windmills near Pune.

Associate Company

       General Industrial Controls Private Limited (popularly known as GIC) was formed in the year 1972, and is engaged in the designing and manufacturing:

  • Time Delay Relays /Timers
  • Time Switches
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Motor Protection relays
  • Hour Meters
  • Counters and related products.

GIC also engages in intricate tooling and manufacturing of components. GIC has the right infrastructure, under one roof, to design, develop and manufacture any product in its segment and its team of dedicated Engineers relentlessly work to achieve the vision of GIC to provide the best products and services. GIC have got its system certified under ISO 9001:2000 and also obtained International Approvals for its products well ahead of others. Its pursuit for excellence is an ongoing process. GIC’s capabilities remain the backbone and offer strength to undertake the development of electronic and electro-mechanical products to meet international standards.