Manufacturing Plants

Esbee is proud of its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Two plants are located in Pune and one in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. These strategic locations assist in better geographical reach, and efficient supply-chain management.At Esbee we ensure precision, speed and scalability at every stage of the manufacturing process.Extensive quality management is undertaken to continuously deliver the quality and performance. We have integrated our systems while ensuring prevention of defects across the manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing plants have the capacity to produce customized products and develop innovative solutions as per the unique requirements of our customers. All our factories have been designed to create minimum negative impact of our operations on the environment.

Corporate Office, Pune

Testing Laboratory

In the present competitive times, research and development is a key element to deliver quality and performance. Our modern testing laboratory is well-equipped and ably supported by a team comprising of a good blend of senior and young dynamic professionals with diverse expertise, which helps us provide efficient solutions and test all our innovations. The testing laboratory is well equipped to perform multiple electrical and mechanical endurance tests as per different global as well as Indian electrical standards (IEC & UL). We use all the advanced design software’s like Solid edge - ST8, NX-10.0 and Orcad. The lab has the equipment to check plastic flammability, plating thickness testers, and bursting strength checker for packing materials. Different tests are carried out at the appropriate product life cycle for assured performance.

Testing Facility

Soldering Unit

Ultrasonic Welding