• Application :  Refrigerator/ Appliance/Washing Machine
    • Approvals/ complies : RoHS, CB certified as per IEC 61058-1,Ex Proof: IS/IEC 60079-15:2005
    • Colour : White / Other colours available on customer demand


Esbee Electrotech has been manufacturing Door Lid switches for decades and we have a huge variety of lid switches for white goods such as rocker switch, push switch, plunger switch.

Rocker switches for white goods are the same as the normal switch, it is used for turning on and off circuits from any end. On the primary power sources for electrical equipment, they are frequently employed as ON/OFF switches for white goods.

Rocker switch can be customized as per the requirement of the customers. The details of these rocker switches are given in the technical specification table for the better understanding of the product.

White and Black are two available colors of the rocker switch. It can be modified as per the requirement of the customer.

Why choose Rocker Switch by Esbee? 

Esbee has been manufacturing Door Lid switches (for white goods) with focus on two main features, that is - quality of product and value for customer.

Quality control at Esbee

Esbee never compromises on the quality of its products. Every lid switch for any of the white goods that we manufacture will go through the same quality inspection.

The production process is extensively scrutinized, as well as the reliability check and quality control is also done.In addition to the certifications from the industry, we also verify the product quality at every level. Prior to export, we also inspect the product's quality, which results in best practices for maintaining any product's quality.

Value for Customers

We, at Esbee, sincerely believe that offering high-quality products is essential for generating customer value. We never compromise on the quality of the product for any personal benefits.

Note: The parameters, information given, and product specifications here are true to every unit of the product.

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