• Application :  Refrigerator, Appliance & Industrial
    • Approvals/ complies : RoHS, Ex Proof:  IS/IEC 60079-0-2007, Ex Proof:  IS/IEC 60079-15-2015
    • Colour: White/As per standard requirement and available on customer demand


LED strip lights are frequently used for secondary lighting and decorative lighting applications, as well as to outline different buildings, create broad lighting patterns, beautify a range of indoor entertainment spaces, and enhance residential aesthetics.

A flexible circuit board filled with LEDs that you can attach practically anywhere to add intense lighting in a variety of colors and brightness is called an LED strip light.

Usually these Led light bulbs, AC & Dc LED light Strips are used in white goods lid switches (such as elevator, refrigerators, and industrial uses). LED AC and DC strips and LED bulbs can be seen in refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines lid switches (household appliances) as well.

LED strips require a power supply device that transforms 120V or 240V AC (depending on function) into the voltage signal that LED strips can use because they operate on low voltage DC.

Features of LED Solutions For Door Lid Switches (White Goods) 

Some of the features of LED Solutions (AC&DC LED strips and LED bulb) are discussed below:

  • The LED Solutions for white goods can be easily modified as per the requirements of the customers.
  • The quality of the white goods produced by Esbee is never compromised for personal benefits. 
  • We, at Esbee, focus on customer value and hence we ensure to deliver best quality products to our customers.
  • Our products are certified and approved for industry uses and export.
  • Prior to export, we ensure quality check of our LED Solutions for lid switches at our plant for each unit.
  • The reliability (life cycle) for the LED Solutions for lid switches (white goods) is also analyzed before the export of any unit of the product.


Note: The parameters, information given, and product specifications here are true to every unit of the product.