• Application :  Refrigerators/ Washing Machine
    • Material :  FR 4
    • Degree of Protection : IP 20
    • Approvals/ compliances : RoHS (As per IEC )
    • Quick Contact Terminal : MOLEX CONNECTOR
    • Operating Temperature: 0 C to 55 C
    • Fitment : As per Customer requirement
    • Color : NA


The best quality POT PCB ( TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER PCB) by Esbee Electrotech are following IP 20 degree of protection with temperature operating between 0C to 55C. The material used in making these POT PCB (temperature controller PCB) for white goods (used in refrigerators and washing machine lid switches) is FR 4.

It also has a quick contact terminal that is a Molex connector type. The fitment is also as per the requirement of the customer.PCB is a non-conductive material containing printed or engraved conductor lines. A working circuit or assembly is created by mounting electronic components on the board and connecting them with traces. 

It is approved as per the guidelines of RoHS (As per IEC). The POT PCB ( TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER PCB) by Esbee - Door Lid switch can be customized as per the requirements of the customers.


Esbee Electrotech has been manufacturing Door Lid switches for decades now and we have a strong long term customer base and to begin with the answer of the question, why choose POT PCB by Esbee, the answer can be explained in two simple arenas — Quality and Customer value.

Quality control at Esbee

Every stage of manufacturing of POT PCB by Esbee is scrutinized closely by our quality check experts, from manufacturing to exports, resulting in best quality production for our customers. Also all industry required approvals/ certifications are given to our products.

Value for Customers

We at Esbee, focus on the customer satisfaction, and for that belief we do not compromise upon the quality of product for the quantity manufacturing. Every test, quality check, reliability check for each unit of the product is uniform.

Note: The parameters, information given, and product specifications here are true to every unit of the product.


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