• Customized solution for different elevators application
    • Low power consumption
    • LED’s with long life of close to 0.1 million continuous burning hrs
    • Passes surge test 2kV & HV test of 1.5kV
    • Low power consumption
    • -20°C to 70°C

LED hand Lamp

As the name suggests, LED hand lamps are portable in nature. Esbee has focused on manufacturing such devices for elevator applications. With different variants based on power consumption, we have three options for LED hand lamps: 5W, 9W with high illumination, and 9W with a hook.

  • Operating at low power consumption, the LED hand lamp comes with and without a hook for elevator application.

  • With a life cycle of approximately 24 months, the LED hand lamp has been tested for surge protection.

  • It is available in white and has 24 LEDs in one hand lamp. The LED arrangement is in the cluster form.