• Universal base is common for 12V ACDC, 24V ACDC, 110V AC and 240V AC
    • Flexibility to upgrade from Single LED units to multiple (max 4) LED units
    • Different mounting options like Base mounted, L clamp, Wall mounted, Swiveling base

The Versatile Tower Light Base Selection by Esbee Electrotech LLP

Tower lights play a crucial role in industrial settings, providing visual signaling and enhancing safety. A key component of any tower light system is the base, which serves as the foundation for mounting the lights. Esbee Electrotech LLP offers an exceptional solution with their Tower Light Base Selection. Designed to be universal, flexible, and durable, this base accommodates various voltages and allows for the upgrade from single to multiple LED units. With multiple mounting options and a focus on high-quality materials, Esbee Electrotech's Tower Light Base Selection is a reliable choice for businesses seeking a robust and adaptable tower light base.

Features of Tower Lights by Esbee Electrotech LLP

Here are some features of tower lights:-

Versatility and Flexibility 

One of the standout features of Esbee Electrotech's Tower Light Base Selection is its versatility. This universal base is compatible with different voltage options, including 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 110V AC, and 240V AC. This broad compatibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and ensures that businesses can choose the voltage option that best fits their requirements.

Moreover, this base offers the flexibility to upgrade from single LED units to multiple LED units, with a maximum of four LEDs. This adaptability allows businesses to start with a single light unit and expand as needed.

Multiple Mounting Options 

Esbee Electrotech's Tower Light Base Selection provides users with the freedom to choose from four different mounting options, catering to various installat ion needs. The base can be mounted in the traditional base-mounted configuration, making it easy to integrate into existing setups.

Alternatively, the L clamp option offers a convenient solution for attaching the base to poles or other vertical surfaces, maximizing space utilization. For those preferring wall mounting, the base accommodates this option, allowing for secure installation on walls or panels. Lastly, the swiveling base option provides 360-degree rotation, enabling users to position the tower light in the desired direction.

Durability and Reliability 

Esbee Electrotech LLP has prioritized quality in the design of their Tower Light Base Selection. Constructed from high-quality materials, this base is built to withstand the demanding environments of industrial settings. It exhibits excellent durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.

By choosing Esbee Electrotech's Tower Light Base Selection, businesses can have confidence in the reliability of their tower light system. The sturdy construction and attention to detail ensure stable and secure mounting, minimizing the risk of downtime and maintenance issues.


Esbee Electrotech LLP Tower Light Base Selection offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking versatile, reliable, and durable tower lights. With compatibility across multiple voltage options and the ability to upgrade from single to multiple LED units, this base caters to varying requirements and allows for future scalability.

The availability of multiple mounting options further enhances the flexibility of installation, adapting to different environments and preferences. By prioritizing high-quality materials and robust construction, Esbee Electrotech ensures a long-lasting and dependable tower light base.

For businesses and organizations in need of a reliable foundation for their tower lights, Esbee Electrotech's Tower Light is a commendable choice that combines functionality, versatility, and durability to meet industrial signaling needs effectively.