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Crane Pendant


    • Robust design
    • Easy handling with firm gripping (designed as per ergonomics)
    • Ample space for cabling
    • Available V0 UL94 self-extinguishing material
    • Interlocking between flush heads for safe operations
    • Available in single & double speed
    • Available with hook for better mounting provision
    • Arrow indication for push buttons with pad printing, laser marking and screen printing
    • Contact blocks (As per IEC 60947-5-1 Standards)
    • Flush head push buttons with 1million operation cycles
    • Cable entry with rubber hose to host more then 16 core cable
    • Inbuilt ejection protection for contact blocks
    • Available in customer specific colors and combinations
    • Compatible for indoor and outdoor application

Electrical Specification:
Sr.No Parameters Specification
1 Rated Voltage 250 VAC ; 24 V DC
2 Rated Current 6-10 Amp
3 Rated Opertaion Current AC (50 to 60Hz) DC
Ie/AC 15
(utilization category)
Ie/DC 13(utilization category)
250 6 24 1.5
4 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ above(at 500VDC)
5 Withstand Voltage /HV Current-carrying and non-current-carrying metal parts, Between terminal and earthing : 1500VAC, 50/60HZ
6 Terminal Torque 0.8 Nm (Minimum)
7 Life: Electrical: 1000000 cycles ( 1 Million) (Push Button & Contacts)*
Mechanical : 1000000 cycles ( 1 million)*
8 Connection Screw type terminal
Envorimental Conditions:
1 Ambient Temperature -10~+65°C
2 Humidity 95% RH (65°C)
3 Operating Temperature -20°C to 65°C
4 Storage Temperature -30°C to 70

Base / Cover – Tough, Impact resistant & fire retardant Plastic.

Gasket – Rubber with excellent resistant for UV exposure, Ozone & Weathering.

Screws – Half threaded Self Tapping Screws (salt spray of 168-hour test) with ASTN standard


Degree of Protection: IP65 / IP20 for Elements / Contact Blocks (As per IEC 60529 Standards). RoHS compliant.

  1. Unscrew and remove the black cover.
  2. Unscrew the NC and NO contact block/Elements.
  3. Insert the cable through hose and passes through cable clamp.
  4.  Strip the cable length suitable for wiring the switches(crimp with suitable terminal ).
  5. Tape the striped part of cable.
  6. Make wiring and screwing the NO, NC Contact block with 0.8 Nm Torque.
  7. Tighten the cable clamp on the cable.
  8. Screwing the enclosure, by skilled operator, check rubber gasket placed neatly to guarantee protection against water and dust

Single Speed Three-Way Industrial Pendants

The single-speed three-way industrial pendants are the basic model for operating cranes, especially in-house cranes. The crane industrial  pendants are usually installed for quick operations such as immediate stopping of crane activity or moving left or right while operating the crane.

We have several other options for industrial pendants, such as:

Along with the aforementioned industrial pendants, we also have pendant spares. For more technical specifications and drawings, you can refer to the table to the left. For detailed uses, features, and applications of the three-way industrial pendant, continue reading further in the article.

What are the Features of Single Speed Three Way Industrial Pendants?

With its robust and stronghold design, the industrial pendant by Esbee has various distinguishing characteristics, such as:

  • It is compatible for use on both indoor and outdoor cranes.

  • It has ample space for cabling, ensuring that it can carry an appropriate load.

  • It has easy manoeuvrability because of its firm grip.

  • The navigation buttons for signs left and right are easy to locate.

  • The basic model of the pendant helps any new operator operate the crane as well.

  • More speed variations exist depending on the requirements.

  • The three buttons are Emergency Stop, Left, and Right.

  • The rated voltage for the pendant is 250 VAC.

  • For information on temperature operations, certifications, and installation guides, click here.

  • The push button used for emergency stops is the Flush Head push button by Esbee.

  • The crane pendant is also available with a hook, so it can be easily mounted.

  • The flush heads are interlocked for safe operation.

Applications of Single Speed Three Way Industrial Pendants

The Single Speed Three Way  Industrial Pendants are usually used in manufacturing plants where overhead cranes are used for lifting and shifting materials, or big manufactured products, from one station to another workstation.

The cranes are only used for minimal work; hence, they require minimal operations for handling them. Therefore, these pendants are useful for them. Some other areas where this pendant can be used are:

  • In the refinement of steel and other metals, such as copper and aluminium, overhead cranes are frequently employed.

  • Metal is handled by an overhead crane throughout the whole manufacturing process, up until the point where it exits the factory as a finished product.

  • The industrial pendant for cranes can be used to place raw materials into furnaces, roll hot metal to a specific thickness, temper or anneal it, and then store it while it cools.

  • Cranes are also used to lift finished coils onto trucks and trains, handle steel in a fabricator's or stamper's factory, and pour raw materials into furnaces.

  • Pendants for overhead cranes are used in the automotive industry to move raw materials.

As seen, the area of work is confined; therefore, the directions or actions are also confined. However, as applications and functions expand, so do the robustness and features of crane pendants. For all those purposes, we have different variants of Industrial pendants to meet all the required demands.

What makes our Industrial Single Speed Three Way Pendants different from others?

Industrial single speed three way pendants by Esbee Electrotech LLP are unique and in a class of their own because of their quality and design. We focus on making every unit of these pendants with the utmost quality of product and with due reliability tests.

Every product by Esbee has been tested for its quality at every stage and is checked for lifetime reliability as well. We have different departments for each operation to be conducted, and our well-versed team has put these efforts into bringing out the best product for the market. With a 45-year history, we place a premium on customer satisfaction and product quality.